Building a CW Program Staffing Agencies (and Other Vendors) Love

Learn how to get out of your vendors way so they can do what they do best

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You will learn

•  Why staffing agencies get saddled with extra responsibility in the context of recruitment

•  How to manage out-of-scope minutiae and bring focus back to recruiting

•  How to create a program that staffing agencies and other vendors will love


Your Hosts:

Matt Lyngarkos

True Employment

HireArt provides contractors with support, guidance, and professional development. Many EORs are just payroll. We’re more.

Simple Software

Self-serve tools for managers and contractors and the information and data they need on demand.

Seamless Integrations

Integrations with Lever, Greenhouse, Checkr, and leading HRIS systems reduce manual work and data entry.

Global Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Leader

Contingent Workforce Program Manager

Kobie Wagener

Lee Pacheco

Director of Strategic Partnerships